The Best Braided Fishing Line in 2021

Having the right fishing line on your rod can literally make or break your fishing trip in a matter of seconds. To fishermen, there is no worse feeling than reeling in what feels like a trophy fish only to have the line suddenly snap before the fish even comes boatside.

Losing a fish due to line failure or breakage is devastating to any fisherman, and it is so easily avoided when you find the type of fishing line that is best for your specific rod and the type of fishing you are planning on doing.

So much more goes into choosing a fishing line than many people would generally think. In this article, we are going to explore one type of fishing line in particular called braided fishing line, so that you can find out exactly what it is made of, what you should look for when you purchase it, and how to choose the right kind for your fishing needs.

Put an end to the disappointment of losing fish by learning more about braided fishing lines and how they can take your chances of landing your dream fish to new heights.

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What Should I Look For When Buying a Braided Fishing Line?

When you are ready to purchase a braided fishing line, you may look in the sporting goods or outdoors store and see an entire aisle filled with different styles, strengths, and brands of braided fishing line to choose from.

This can quickly become overwhelming. Just choosing the first one you see may not be the best option for you and your fishing needs overall. Here we have compiled a list of 6 of the most important factors to look for when choosing your next braided fishing line so that you can get the most out of your purchase, including your dream fish.


A braided fishing line’s strength is always the number one factor that comes into choosing a specific brand or style because the physical strength of your line is what separates you from your dream fish.

That is why it is imperative to find a fishing line that has been tested to be able to withstand the poundage of the type of fish you are seeking.

Each fishing line will come equipped with a “pound test” rating which means that the specific fishing line has been physically tested to withstand a certain amount of weight without snapping. So, a braided fishing line that has been given a 30 lb test rating can withstand the weight and strength of a 30-pound fish without snapping.

Before purchasing your braided fishing line, make sure to determine what type of fish you want to catch with it. If you are fishing mainly for panfish, you certainly will not need a 40 lb test line. However, if you are fishing for lake sturgeon or musky, a 50+ test rating would be wise.


As much as strength is important when choosing your braided fishing line, durability is equally as important. When reeling in a fish, no matter the size, your fishing line takes a lot of wear and tear, both from the pressure of the fish fighting on one end of the line to the line being threaded through your rod’s guide holes and in and out of your reel when casting.

It is important to find a braided fishing line that can withstand this constant use as well as the conditions of the water and the weather it is surrounded by. Some braided fishing lines come with standard UV ray protection which is very beneficial to those who fish in mostly sunny climates. UV rays and the sun in general can greatly affect the strength of your fishing line.

Abrasion Resistance

Abrasion resistance refers to a fishing line’s ability to withstand sharp objects such as certain species of weeds and rocks or sticks found in the water, as well as fish teeth.

For abrasion resistance, any braided fishing line, in general, will be much more equipped to withstand abrasion than a typical single fiber line made of polyethylene fibers.

Braided fishing lines are made with 4, 6, or 8 strands of fiber that are tightly braided together to form one single line. These multiple fibers are most often made of man-made materials such as Micro-Dyneema and Spectra which create a strong, abrasion resistance force against breakage.


Your braided line’s diameter can have a major impact on your fishing capabilities. While it is generally thought that string or rope with bigger diameters possesses more strength, this fact is not true when it comes to braided fishing lines.

A braided fishing line with a smaller diameter will actually prove to have more strength than its thick counterparts. In general, braided fishing lines are uniquely smaller in diameter than monofilament lines.

The thinner lines will also have the ability to cut through the water much faster and move with greater ease around vegetation and other barriers. Thin fishing line is also less detectable to fish as it remains more camouflaged in the water.

Keep in mind, however, that thin fishing line can more difficult to knot and can be prone to coming undone when not tied properly. So make sure that you have an especially strong knot to attach your bait.


Braiding fishing lines and all fishing lines, in general, can come in a wide variety of colors. Many anglers may wonder what the purpose of the colored lines is. Is it just for the preference of the angler or does it have a deeper purpose?

The answer is it most definitely has a deeper purpose in the sport of fishing. To determine what the best line color choice is for you, you must first think about your primary fishing location and the water color associated with that location.

Fish are highly sensitive creatures and can pick up on even the slightest disturbances to their environment, including fishing lines. This is why you want to choose a color that will blend in with the water you are fishing in.

For example, if you are fishing a deeper lake with generally murky, dark water, a darker color fishing line would work best for you. Colors such as brown or moss green will blend in great with this kind of environment and will not spook fish.

For anglers that want to keep close track of their line, high visibility fishing line may be the right route for them. While this type of line is not necessarily the best for blending in, it will give the angler a heads-up on the depth and location of their line while also allowing them to see changes in line direction. A hi-vis yellow would be a great option for anglers wanting to make this choice.

Casting Distance

Last, but certainly not least, a fishing line’s castability is an extremely important factor to measure when choosing a new fishing line. All anglers want a smooth and distant cast. Certain types of fishing lines can be a detriment to this goal.

Thankfully, we can confidently tell you that braided fishing lines are among the best fishing lines for promoting casting distance. The line is smooth but also has some weight and sustenance to it which allows for a steady and far casting ability.

Basically, any braided fishing line brand and type you choose will have excellent casting distance, especially for baitcasting reels.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Braided Fishing Lines

When you are ready to choose a braided fishing line for your next fishing adventure you may be surprised by just how many choices there are. Here we have narrowed down the choices for you and have given you relevant information about each brand of fishing line that matches our quality criteria above.

Organized also with the best budget options, we have a choice that will work for every angler as well as their wallet.

#1: KastKing SuperPower (Best Value – All-Purpose)

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KastKing SuperPower braided fishing line is a premium braided fishing line that is used for all types of fishing from bass fishing in the Great Lakes to shark fishing in Hawaii. KastKing fishing line has received excellent reviews for its performance from both professional and amateur fishermen.

This particular brand of fishing line is known especially for its extreme durability and excellent abrasion resistance. Anglers have praised their KastKing fishing line for being able to withstand sharp rocks and other extreme elements as well as having excellent casting ability.

We have found that the KastKing SuperPower fishing line stands out amongst other fishing line brands for many reasons, however, the main one pertains to what the line is made of.

KastKing fishing line is comprised of 8 strands of polyethylene fiber which is amongst the strongest fibers and is even used in the production of bulletproof vests! The strands in this fishing line are tightly woven which allows the line to have a surprisingly small diameter which is very difficult to attain with high strand counts. The diameter of this line promotes easy casting and reliable knots, as well as fewer wind knots.

With zero stretch technology within the fibers of this fishing line, anglers will have excellent hook sets and can have greater confidence in the strength of their line when reeling in their catch.

This fishing line comes in a wide variety of colors including gray, moss green, multi-color, and hi-vis yellow.

According to experts and other frequent anglers, the only downside to this brand of fishing line is that it’s prone to color bleeding over time, especially with frequent spooling.

#2: Spiderwire Stealth (Best Braided Fishing Line)

Spiderwire Stealth is a braided line made from Dyneema and is rated highly for its strength and versatility as well as a steady price range. This particular brand of braided fishing line is one of the best for many anglers for a variety of reasons which we will describe below.

Reason #1 – Compact Braiding

This Spiderwire Stealth braid is uniquely crafted and expertly woven to give anglers both strength and versatility in their cast. It also has a thin diameter. This allows the line to provide a wide range of test pound ratings, ranging from 6 to 150 pounds.

The strength of this braided line does not compromise the castability and ease of retrieval in use due to its diameter.

For fishermen, Spiderwire Stealth is truly the best of both worlds in strength and ideal dimension.

Reason #2 – Color

Spidewire Stealth braid comes in a wide variety of colors and designs each fit for a specific purpose in the sport of fishing. Color choices range from camouflage, moss green, blue camo, pink camo, hi-vis green, and translucent, among several other color choices.

The translucent color choice for the Spiderware braid is highly sought-after. Having both the strength of a braided fishing line as well as the undetectable translucent color is quite rare to find within the braided fishing line market. So this is a major advantage to this specific brand.

Unlike our #1 fishing line choice, which tends to bleed its color, the Spiderware braid comes coated with a specially formulated, color lock finish which will prevent color fade.

Reason #3 – Sensitivity Rating

The stealth braided line received an especially high sensitivity rating which is a great and very important line feature for all anglers to consider.

When fishermen have their line in the water, they are connected to their fishing rod, staying anxiously vigilant for the slightest tug or vibration to the line. These small tugs, sometimes virtually undetectable at times, are the first sign that a fish is interested in your bait. They also allow the angler to determine the best time to set the hook.

Having a fishing line that allows for this level of sensitivity and feel is extremely important in any kind of fishing. Spiderware braid not only has an especially high sensitivity rating, but the line itself is also treated with fluoropolymer – a substance that helps the line glide smoothly through the guides on your rod.

This is an important factor because line sensitivity goes two ways. Just as we can feel the action of the fish on the other end of the line, they can feel our movements even more pronounced. Because fish are so sensitive to vibrations in the water, having a very smooth line that will not cause vibrations when reeling is a very important factor to consider, especially when choosing a braided line, as it tends to be rougher in texture.

#3: Power Pro Spectra (Best in Versatility)

Power Pro Spectra braiding fishing line is an excellent option for fishermen that value versatility in their fishing because this specific brand of braided line is perfectly suited for both salt and fresh water fishing. The line can be used interchangeably between the two types of water conditions.

Unlike our #1 and #2 choices, the Power Pro Spectra also allows anglers to choose between a wide variety of different diameters, pound test ranges, and colors to satisfy their specific preferences. Fishermen have the most choices with this brand, so they can pick according to their preferences.

The Power Pro Spectra is expertly woven using four, distinctly thin strands made of Spectra fiber. Spectra fiber is a thin, lightweight fiber known for its immense strength and dependability. With a protective coating surrounding each inch of the line, it is also incredibly abrasion-resistant.

A unique feature of the Power Pro Spectra line is that it is woven into a long, diagonal pattern which makes it especially fray resistant and allows for smooth flow through rod guides. Our other brands shown above, do not contain this specific type of weaving.

Anglers boast about the high sensitivity of the Power Pro Spectra line. Usually braided lines, because of their bulkier material, tend to not allow for sensitivity in the line, making it difficult for anglers to feel the flow of their lure in the water as well as bumps and bites. The Power Pro Spectra beats the odds by being one of the most sensitive braided lines on the market.

The only drawback to this brand that is important for anglers to keep in mind is that the especially thin diameter of this line can more easily cause spool and wind tangles. The protective coating of this line, while beneficial for abrasion resistance, can cause excessive friction between the line and guide holes causing extra vibration that can be felt by surrounding fish.

#4: Daiwa J-Braid (Best Low Cost)

The Daiwa J-Braid braided fishing line is our top pick for a great low-cost alternative to our other, more expensive options listed above.

Honestly, after much time and research of this fishing line, we could not find many drawbacks associated with the low cost. While it might not be able to withstand the wear and tear that a professional or avid fisherman would put on it, this line would be a great line choice for the beginner or amateur fisherman. It is used by both beginners and enthusiasts with great success.

With a test pound rating scale of 8-65 pounds, the Daiwa J-Braid is a great choice for a wide variety of fishing types. Made primarily of Dyneema, this line is both very strong and thin, creating an ideal strand for a braided fishing line.

The Dawia J-Braid lacks the traditional wax coating that several braided fishing lines come with which allows anglers the ability to use their line to its fullest extent from the get-go. With several brands of braided fishing lines, it takes several casting and retrievals to wear this wax coating down and it can cause stickiness within the reel. So, the lack of this coating is a great feature of the line.

With great abrasion resistance, the Daiwa J-Braid can also stand the test of time against hours upon hours of casting and retrieving. One avid fisherman praised the Daiwa J-Braid for its longevity expressing that, after a whole year of intense use, there was no fraying or weakness to the line, just a minimal color fade.

The thin diameter of this fishing line and its smooth outside coating make it very quiet as it flows in and out of the reel guides. This will create a very quiet space for fish to approach and not be thrown off by line vibrations or sounds.

The Daiwa J-Braid comes in a variety of color choices ranging from dark green and dark gray to blue. It has excellent knot strength and can easily withstand the strong hits of several fish.

Overall, this is a great low price option for any fisherman. It’s just important to keep in mind that this line may not have the same level of versatility and elasticity as our other three choices shown above.

#5: Berkley Fireline (Best in Strength)

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Berkley is a well-known fishing line company that has been in business for several years. They offer a wide variety of different line constructions that serve many purposes.

Berkley Fireline is Berkley’s premier braided fishing line, and it is one of the best-braided fishing line types for strength and sustainability against hard hits, heavy fish, strong bites, and those infamously violent head shakes.

Made completely of a specially formulated type of Dyneema, Berkley Fireline has proven to be over 15 times stronger than steel, making it extremely abrasion-resistant. This line also allows for zero-stretch which means the chances of line breakage are drastically cut.

This incredibly strong braided fishing line is also amazingly thin in diameter which allows for long, smooth casting and tangle-free spooling. It contains a level of sharpness to the point at which it can literally slice through surrounding vegetation while you are reeling in.

Berkley Fireline is a highly sensitive type of braided fishing line which allows the fisherman to sense even the slightest disturbances of the line.

Overall, Berkley Fireline is an excellent choice for any fisherman, but especially those looking to land those strong fighters. It is important to note that, due to the strength factor of this line, it has been shown to have some knotting difficulties. It is also more visible to fish than our #1 and #2 brands. This can be compensated for by attaching a leader that matches the color of the water in which you are fishing.

Budget Options

Fishing line, especially the braided type, can be surprisingly expensive to purchase. So, besides the options stated above, we have compiled a list of a few more budget-friendly choices for you to choose from to meet your exact fishing needs and preferences.

#1 Best Budget – Sufix 832 Advanced Superline

Sufix 832 Advanced Superline is one of our picks that is definitely on the higher end of budget-friendly, but for the price, you will be receiving many great features resulting in added strength and reliability overall.

Sufix 832 is an 8-fiber fishing line with excellent abrasion resistance and casting capabilities. Formulated with color retention technology, it fights against color fade.

This line is also highly sensitive and allows fishermen to detect changes in the tension and action felt through their line.

Overall, the Sufix 832 received excellent reviews from all types of fishermen. All say it is that it has proven to be an excellent addition to their line collection. However, as with any lower-cost option, you must keep in mind that the overall quality and longevity of your line will go down. With this specific low-cost brand, the longevity will not be the same as our options mentioned above.

#2 Best Budget – Angry Fish Celebrity

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The Angry Fish Celebrity braided fishing line is an extremely cost-effective option for the beginning or amateur fisherman. This 4-strand, polyethylene-based line will give anglers excellent casting abilities, smooth spooling, and great abrasion resistance.

The diameter of this line allows for less bulkiness in the reel spool and a more steady flow in and out of the rod guides. Made in a variety of color choices, this braided line is great for a variety of water conditions.

Proven customers of this brand have given it excellent reviews and are, overall, very impressed with the quality of its performance for its low cost. However, this particular braided line does tend to fade its color quite rapidly, and due to its material makeup, it will not be able to withstand the fight strength and general wear and tear that our previous brands can.

With only a 20-pound test rating, this line would work well for beginner fishermen who are not looking to land a particularly large species.

#3 Best Budget – XCELINE Braided Fishing Line

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XCELINE is a great braided line brand that is known for its strength and versatility in several different water conditions. With a test rating of between 6 and 150 pounds, this line can serve all types of fishermen from panfish anglers to musky hunters.

Equipped with zero stretch technology, XCELINE braided line is made with either 4 or 8 strands of polyethylene and coated with a strengthening bond to add more durability against abrasion and a variety of fishing landscapes.

This braided line is known for its ease in casting and spooling as well as its ability to cut through vegetation and to maneuver seamlessly around rocks, logs, and other landscape features.

Overall, this line is a great choice for both beginner and avid fishermen. It has received several 5-star reviews from a wide variety of anglers for both its performance and durability. However, unlike our more expensive choices, this particular braided line is not likely to be able to withstand the same wear and tear as our other more expensive choices and will need to be changed out much more frequently.

Which Is Better – 4-Strand or 8-Strand Braided Fishing Line?

The main difference between 4- and 8-strand braided fishing line comes down to the line’s diameter. Many anglers see the choice between a 4- and 8-strand line as simple. They quickly choose the 8-strand because of the often perceived thought that the more strands a braided line has, the stronger it is.

This is a myth this is often believed by many fishermen. While the 8-strand braided line does have its purpose such as in trolling and other high impact fishing, the 4-strand line is generally just as effective if not better than 8-strand.

The 8-strand line tends to be thicker in diameter making casting and spooling a bit more rigorous. With the development strand material and technology, many companies can maintain the same level of strength in a 4-strand line as an 8-strand while also achieving a remarkably thin diameter.

The choice really applies mainly to the type of fishing that you are looking to do. Once you determine this, the choice for 4- or 8-strand braided lines will become more clear.

Verdict: Your Best Braided Fishing Line 

We hope that through our research and data collection surrounding a wide variety of different braided line brands, types, and prices we have been able to assist you in your search for the best option for you and your fishing preferences. Below, we have summarized our findings into an easy-to-read list for your reference.

If you want the best value for your money, pick the KastKing Super Power.

If you need extra strength and durability, pick Berkley FireLine.

If you want to keep the price under $20, pick one of our budget-friendly options.

The only thing standing between you and your next trophy fish is the line you spool your reel with. Making sure that your line is strong, abrasion-resistant, and highly durable is essential in the journey to boating your dream fish.

We hope that this article helped you narrow your search and gave you the in-depth information you need to make the right decision for your fishing needs.

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